Friday, December 19, 2008

Pedda cheruvu

A while ago, I posted about Dr. Prakasam Tata's efforts of water purification with Pedda cheruvu near Vizianagaram. The link to his article 'Dreaming in color' is no longer working but the article can be found in found in other places, for example,
here, on pages 6 onwards and and a few other places by googling 'Dreaming in Color- Dr. Prakasam Tata'.A felicitation for Dr. Tatarao and views of pedda cheruvu here.

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Prakasam Tata said...

Dear Swarup Garu:

Delighted to pass through your blog, and glad to see your posting of my effort to clean up Pedda Cheuruvu in Vizianagram, which is my native place.

Glad to inform you that I have succeeded in implementing another water-sanitation project to benefit 400 harijans 24/7 with their water-san needs through a Rotary Foundation grant in Duppada, a village near Vizianagaram. In fact, the project might have been inaugurated on August 15, 2009, India's Independence Day.

I hope to visit Austalia sometime, which I have not done so far, and hope that our paths will cross.

Best wishes,

Prakasam Tata
Naperville, IL USA